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Thursday, February 09, 2006

sissy lisa's jurnal entry for Febuary 9, 2006

I know I have not posted in a few days and I am sorry for that Mistress has kept me very busy with catch up house work. This morning things kinda went back to schedule as far as my routine goes. Mistress seemed to be in a deep thought's though. She is going to be making changes in my schedule which will be posted on my yahoo calander. After Mistress left for work I went about my house work. Mistress called this afternoon with instructions for dinner, She was in the mood for pasta tonight. Mistress was also in the mood for a nice chololate cake for desert as well. Ms. Tammy stopped by for my make-up lesson things went well with that. I was given instructions to speak with Mistress Cathy about having a Avon Rep stop by as Ms. Tammy thinks this would be a good brand. So I will talk to Her tonight about that. Mistress arrived home this evening kind of tired so after dinner I asked if I could run a bath for Her which She agreed to. After Her bath I passed along the request by Ms. Tammy about the Avon Rep and brand of make-up to use. Mistress thought that would be a delightfull idea as it would give me more exposure to my Superiors. Mistress also had me do some research on Woman's costumes as well as choose my outfit for Sissy School. These results can be found on my shopping blog dated Febuary 9, 2006. Im not sure but I think this may have to do with the changes Mistress has in mind. I also recieved my new cloth's I orderd I was so excited. These will be worn starting Monday morning the Febuary 13. Mistress needs to sort my old lingerie to see what stay's and what goes.

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

sissy lisa's jurnal entry for Febuary 5, 2006

I was given the morning off, I really did not know what to do with my free time. Mistresses online service has been giving Her and me some problems so I know ill have alot of blog catching up to do. Mistress thought it would be a good idea to take a look at my wardrobe and do a little cleaning out. I can only say that I now own only 1 pair of male jeans, 1 tee shirt undies and socks male, sneakers 1 pair and a butten up shirt the rest is now gone to good will. Mistress felt I did not need all the male stuff I had as I wil no longer be wearing them, except for emerginces and company (family)? We spent the rest of the afternoon just talking. I was allowed to dress in a cute denim mini that has the cutest pink ruffleing on the hem a nice blouse panties bra corset and pantyhose, Mistress even allowed me to take off my cb300 today and i must say what a relief. This evening Mistress and I spent some quite time cuddled under a blanket and I guess Mistress was feeling a bit frisky becouse She kept reaching up my skirt and playing with me. Of course She was very carefull not to allow me any release. So I know how im waking up tomorrow morning lol.

sissy lisa's jurnal entry for Febuary 4, 2006

I had the most interesting morning today. After serving Mistress breakfast, Mistress decided it was time to do some snooping, as She calls it on my computer. Normally this is routine, checking my yahoo schedule, looking at my search history, and reading my journal and such. Today seemed to be a little different. Mistress seemed to take great intrest in my latest story. She was asking all sorts of questions wondering I quess were I was getting my insperation for such stuff. But I guess everything was ok at least I think so. I was told to go about my morning routine. Mistress seemed to be a bit quiet after She came out of the den though.
I was given some new duties this afternoon and some of my duties were changed a bit. Mistress told me that She has taken some of the idea's from my stories. I am now to serve Mistress Her coffee, wine ect on the silver pladder She has. From 5 am to 11 am I will be wearing a maids uniform, 4 " heels, my head peice, my corset which will be worn every day now and bra and panties. I will also be required to wear a garder belt with stalkings. I will need to buy a petticoat as well. From 11 am till 1pm I will dress in the outfit selected that day by Mistress for my secratarial time. From 1pm till 6:30 pm back to my maid uniform. From 6:30 to 7:30 Mon, Wed, Fri my training time i will be required to wear a plaid school girl's mini skirt, white blouse white thigh high stockings and my black 5 " heels. Any other time from 6:30 to 9pm or 10 pm on weekends I will be wearing a very sissy style outfit.
I did some shopping tonight for 2 new maid's uniform,s some new panty and bra's and such. These will be posted on my shopping blog.

Friday, February 03, 2006

sissy lisa's jurnal entry for Febuary 3, 2006

A busy day today I had to give the house a good scrub down from top to bottom. Mistress seemed ready for the weekend, I guess She need's some rest and relaxation. Im back to my black and white utilities maid's uniform for the work day, I was given the choice between wearing my keds sneakers or my 3 " heels. I of course chose the heel's as I know this is what Mistress prefers.
I had a nice few hour's as Mistresses secretary. I was dressed in my pink skirt suit and I was even allowed to wear my special bra and panty set yaaa. I even was aloud a garder belt and stocking's with my 5 " pink heel's. I felt so feminine and I even think it helped when I was doing my writeing. I can't wait till my other skirt suits arrive.
A nice quiet evening, Mistress was not hungry tonight She just had a glass of wine and spent most of the evening in the study just reading. On my free time I did a little shopping for a present for Mistress but I think I may need some advice on this. Oh Mistress started reading my story im doing, She seem's quit pleased with it concidering I m new at it. Ill be sure to keep it going as long as I can.

Thursday, February 02, 2006

sissy lisa's jurnal entry for Febuary 2, 2006

Just a quick entry today, I helped Ms. Linda pack today. I can see that Mistress is rather sad as well as am i that Ms. Linda is leaveing today. The both of Us will miss Her.
I started a short story which will be posted here and on the site i hope You all enjoy it.

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

sissy lisa's jurnal entry for Febuary 1, 2006

Just the usal morning routine for me today, except for the addional tasks required by Ms. Linda. i was told ill need to give everything a good cleaning today so this will keep me busy for the morning hours. i am also required to wear my black utility maids uniform as i have alot of cleaning to do today. i will be starting my secretarial work today as well, mainly right now just online shopping and such but i get to dress in a nice skirt suit and kinda doll up for a few hours.

Ms Tammy called today and said She would not make it over today for my make-up lession. She told me She was not feeling well today. i will have to ask Mistress Cathy if i can send some flowers to Her, in hopes this will make Her feel some-what better.

im all dressed up in my pink skirt suit, a nice tailored jacket and the skirt is a bit short, about mid thigh but i feel so cute. Of course im in my pink pumps 4" heels. i pulled my hair into a pony tail as i know Mistress just loves this look on me. i did a little shopping today looking at some nice skirt suits that maybe Mistress will let me buy.
Mistress came home today and i greeted Her in the usal manner, on my knees at the door at the appointed time dressed in my maids uniform choosen for the day by Mistress. Well She seemed really tired today so i hurried myself getting Her drink. After words i asked Mistress if there was anything i could do to help Her relax, i even suggested a relaxing massage or bubblebath. She decided maybe a massage and bubblebath would be nice this evening. So after Her massage i ran a nice bath filled it with the bath oils and such. i thought it would be a nice touch if i spread some rose peddles in the bath as well. Mistress did enjoy the extra touch with the peddles and asked what i wanted. i just told Her i did it to please Her. Mistress gave me the biggest smile and said im learning which made me very happy. When Ms. Linda arrived home i was allowed a short time to talk with Her. We had a good talk and i can see a new relation budding. Well i have to go till tomorrow.

New Blog for sissy lisa

Hello all i just wanted to let You know i have created a new blog Feel free to take a look I would love Your input. It mainly deals with what im shopping for or looking at. Thank You all for Your support.

Tuesday, January 31, 2006

sissy lisa's second jurnal entry for January 31, 2006

i was given the great honor of helping Ms. Linda this morning ready for Her appointment. Mistress instructed me to be sure that Ms Linda's outfit for the day was freshly pressed for Her, i was to be sure that Her shoes were spotless as well. i was even allowed to brush and dry Ms. Linda's hair as i do for Mistress every morning ( i do so enjoy brushing Mistresses hair ). Of course i was required to leave when She was dressing. Anyways i must say that Ms Linda like my Mistress, has the most wonderfull sense of fashion. So Feminine yet ready to be taken serious at work. i can only hope someday to have just half the fashion sense as They do.
This afternoon was very quiet. Just some light cleaning and such. I was allowed to spend some time on my assignment from Ms. Tammy, researching make-up brands. i should have my report ready for Her on Friday.
While on line today i stopped in at . To my suprise i had found i was one of 3 first place winners in the blog contest. i could not believe my eyes. im so excited and i would like to sincerly thank Ms Ally for chooseing my blog. Ms Ally thank You soo sooo much. When Mistress called from work i had explained to Her what had happen and She gave me special permission to call today. i was to wear my prettiest pink satin dress, and my special pink satin bra and panties. What a thrill i just adore this outfit. Anyways i choose to speak with Mistress Tori
and to my delight Mistress Tori was apsolutely wonderfull. i could just see myself there as Mistress Tori was talking with me, i even felt as thow i was being hypotized by Her wonderfull and senuious voice. i really enjoyed my breif visit with Her and look forward to speaking to Her again in the future. Thank You Mistress Tori.
Well just a quiet night for this sissy, Mistress Cathy and Ms. Linda went out for a quiet dinner this evening. i was not really given any instructions as what to do, so falling back on past situations of what Mistress had me do when She was out, i made sure things in Her house were tidy, and worked on my sissy skills ( gestures, walk, talk ect. ). I just wanted to say that Mistress seems so happy that Ms Linda is here, i wish She could stay forever.

sissy lisa's jurnal entry for January 31, 2006

Wow what a exciteing past few days for this sissy. First been given the honor to serve not one but two Powerfull, Strong and very Beautifull Superiors, just this alone has put me in a sissy daze. Mistress Cathy and Ms. Linda really had alot of fun at my expense this weekend, not that i minded it at all. Being the weekend and Mistress having company i was given a real light work schedule as not to disturb Them. Of course there was a alteriative motive for this as well. If You per chance read my entry for January 28, 2006 it will give You a better referance to this entry. my uniform for the weekend was my pink satin french maids uniform, my special bra and panty set, stockings, and my 5"pink heel's. As i was informed Mistress decided i would ingage in some sissy training this weekend, but not in the normal fashion, as time would be set aside for this. Instead any time i was paged to my Mistresses side ( She has a bell that She or Ms Linda would ring) i was given only a short few moments to present myself to Them for instructions. Keeping in mind im wearing my 5" heels ( i not good at walking in these ) i would have to get to were my Mistress or Ms. Linda was in the required time or i was to be punished. Of course i was late most of the time so i was punished lightly and in a way that amused Mistress Cathy and Ms. Linda. When i was late after being paged, i was at first required to sing and dance to the song "Im a Little Tea Cup" Mistress does so enjoy seeing me do this and i think She noticed i was enjoying it just a bit to much my self. So when i was late again i would have to begg on my hands and knees to suck on my rubber dildo. If i did not preform well i was swatted lightly of course on my behind as this was to entertain Mistress Cathy and Ms Linda and not punish me per say. As the weekend progressed my punishment changed. Mistress reminded me that some special attention was required on my sissy hole. So when i was late reporting to Mistress Cathy only, i was taken to my room were at this time Mistress put on Her strap-on and took me as the sissy i was. This part i was not confertable with as i had not recieved alot of training in this area. Of coures i was required to invite Ms Linda to watch if She wished. Ms Linda would have me pratice my sucking for punishment. I secretly wished the weekend would never end but at last it did so thing went back to some normalness.

Saturday, January 28, 2006

sissy lisa's jurnal entry for January 28, 2006

This is a early jurnal entry today as my schedule is a bit out of wack. After morning breakfast was served this morning, Mistress Cathy decided it may be nice if i were to put on a fashion show for Ms Linda. Ms Linda was very pleased with my maids uniforms and said i looked so cute. i also modeled my other wears such as dresses, skirts and lingerie. Ms Linda made the comment that it was kind of nice to see such a prim and proper sissy and not a slutty sissy ( no offense to my sisters as this is how im being trained ). A question was made as to why i had no swimwear to model, i explained i had no swimwear as i had no use of the suits. It was suggested to Misterss Cathy that i should have a few ladies bathing suits something nice in a one piece style. Mistress Cathy aggreed so i will be doing some shopping for some suits later this week.
i was told that i would be practiceing my sissy sucking today, it has been a while since i have done this. i think it's more for the amusement for Ms Linda rather than the training for me. Mistress told me as well that some other training may be done this week as well for example my sissy anal training.

Ms Tammy stopped by today for my make up lesson. The lession went well Ms Tammy feels im really progressing in my studies. i was to do some research on make up brands, which brand i would use and such. This report must be done by next week.

Mistress decided it would be a light work week for me as She felt i would benifit Her as well as me to focus more on my sissy training. She has no set schedule as Mistress has taken the following week off while Ms Linda is here. Well i guess thats it for now. i will be sure to keep everyone up to date as to what's going on. Special note - Mistress Cathy just loves this blog but feels i need explain more in detail as much as possable what happens in my life as a sissy. So i will do my best to do so in future posts.

sissy lisa's jurnal entry for January 27, 2006

Mistress awoke in a wonderfull mood today, i did not realize She had taken the day off to great Her guest at the airport this afternoon.

Mistress gave me a very light work schedule this morning, just some light dusting and that was about it. I was instructed to wear my pink maid's uniform today as well and that this would be my uniform for the week. i of course busied my self makeing sure things were ready for Mistresses Guest.

Well Mistress Cathy's Guest arrived today, i did not know but She is a old friend of Mistress Cathy's from collage. It must have been a while since thay have seen each other. i have never seen Mistress so excited. Ms Linda, if i may be so bold as to say is very pretty.
i was very nervious when they arrived home this afternoon, as Mistress really never had any quest's over since i was allowed the honor of moving in with Her. i was not sure, but think Ms Linda was very ammused with the situation Mistress and i had. i prepared a quick lunch for Mistress and Ms Linda and was instructed to put Ms Linda's luggage in the guest room and i was allowed to window shop on line while they cought up with each other. Here are some of the things i was looking at :

The costumes i thought were very cute. i would love the balarina outfit so adorable. And the pink satin Dress so pretty. A great outfit to wear while im doing my blog work or other work on the computer for Mistress.

i just had finished cleaning up in the kitchen after dinner when Mistress called me into the den. She of course reminded me that i had some shopping to do this evening and it was only a few short hour's away. So i was instructed to change into my outfit that Mistress picked out for me and i was to report back down stairs for further instructions. After dressing i reported to Mistress that i was prepared for my evening assignment. when i knocked on the door to the den i could hear Mistress and Ms Linda laughing. i was so nervious all these thoughts running through my head. After Mistress approved my outfit and my appearance stateing i looked very pretty, i was asked to sit and explain to Ms Linda what my assignment was for the evening. my heart lepped up into my throught as i explaind what happen earlier this month and what my punishment was. i explained to Ms Linda that i was to go out this evening and purches some feminine products for my special visitor. i was so imbarrased, i do not know who laughed harder Mistress Cathy or Ms Linda.

It was at this point Mistress Cathy decided it was time to go. i was under the impression that i was to go alone, but to some relief Mistress and Ms Linda escorted me to the drug store. i realize now this was something that was set up eairlier in the week. Mistress had spoken to the store owner about this and She agreeded to allow me to buy these items in person as long as it was towards the closing hours so as not to upset any posible customers that may have come in. i think the owner was quite ammused with me as She tryed very hard t hold back the laughter as i brought up the item's i needed. i was so nervious i was shacking. She made a comment that i must be really haveing a very bad night and broke out laughing. The only thing i could do was politely smile and agree with Her. After the purches i left as quickly as i could the only thing i wanted to do was get out of there. Well Mistress asked if i bought everything and how things went i told Her yes and that the clerk seemed to have gotten a good laugh at my expense. Mistress then said " Just think sissy dear, you get to do this again next week" and with that We left for home.
Here are the item's i bought :

And of course i will be wearing my cb 3000 till the end of March unless other wise told :

Something tells me that it's going to be a rough few months for me but i have no one to blame but my self for this mess im in.